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Making the Impossible Possible

19 August 2016

It is all about belief in yourself and the team’s abilities. If I look back at the last four years of playing golf I would have said it was not only impossible but implausible that I could win a competition never mind play consistently well for 18 holes, and yet it happened recently! The reason it happened is because over the last four years there were moments when I played well and what I did was to hold on to these moments and focus on those positives, rather than focus on why, in general, I play badly.

The NHS spends time focusing on the negatives rather than looking at the positives. For example, the NHS is consumed with understanding why we consistently miss the A&E 4 hour standard. The question I am always asking is ‘why don’t we focus on when we did achieve the standard?’ Answering this may give us clues as to how to do it more effectively, as well as encouraging us and spurring us on to be better consistently. Locally, the financial position is difficult but not impossible to resolve and I am really encouraged by some of the ideas put forward by a couple of GPs this week who were prepared to think outside the box.

We have to believe we can achieve things that many would think would be impossible to deliver. Winning and achieving is a mindset. Yet there are so many people who think ‘can’t do’ rather than ‘can do’. In our three CCGs we must think ‘can do’ to avoid being defeated before we start. This is a hard thing to do, but think about the numerous people you will know who have achieved amazing things despite facing adversity.


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