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Ethics and Courage

30 September 2016

On my first full week back, it somehow seems harder to get up with the darker mornings, but that might just be down to my age!

Ethics and courage

This week I want to return to the issue of ethics and courage. You all know I am a fan of Koestenbaum’s leadership diamond. The top of the diamond is ethics, the bottom is courage. The last few weeks have tested both, particularly around how we transform services.

Customer Experience in action

23 September 2016

Welcome to my blog; which is fairly short as I have only been back from leave for two days. I always find it amazing that in only six days away from the NHS things move on quickly and you are playing catch-up with many issues.

There is no 'I' in 'team'

09 September 2016

This Monday I commenced my 40th year working for and with the NHS and I have been reflecting on the previous 39 years (don’t worry I am not going to take you through them all in this note, that would be very boring!). However, my reflection is that the last 3 to 4 years has been, and is still, the most challenging period of my career to date and I guess many leaders will say the same. The question you may ask is why?

Prevention is better than cure

02 September 2016

A four day week, which feels like five! There is a lot going on in the wider NHS, junior doctors announcing further industrial action and lots of people talking across England about STPs and what may or may not be in them. This reminds me of something I said probably four years ago that at the time created quite a stir in the media.

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