Latest podcast marks International Nurses Day

The latest podcast from the Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent CCGs marks International Nurses Day, which is today.

In this episode Penny Gibbs talks to Heather Johnstone, the CCG’s Director of Nursing and Quality.

During the discussion Heather covers:

  • Why International Nurses Day matters
  • The role of CCG nursing teams
  • CCG nurses returning to frontline Covid-19 roles including testing and in hospitals
  • Her own career as a nurse and midwife
  • The advice she was given as a young nurse
  • The advice she would give to anyone considering a career in nursing

Heather said: “This year we were supposed to be celebrating the International Year on the Nurse and Midwife, but that has all been put on hold now.

“All the appreciation that nurses have received during the Coronovirus has really been quite humbling. But most of us want to get our heads down and do our job.”

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