Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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National campaign turns the spotlight on massive innovations in primary care

A national NHS campaign is today highlighting the changes that have taken place in primary care since the beginning of the Coronavirus crisis. 

The Help Us Help You campaign reminds everyone that NHS services are still available for all patients, but may be delivered in a slightly different way.

Primary care is the point where most people first come into contact with NHS services – such as GP practices.

Primary care has changed, adapting to deliver services in a different way. It has escalated the roll out of technology to support patients during the pandemic. It has required innovation across primary care and a joined-up approach that has been implemented quickly, ensuring primary care has remained open for business.

Dr Lorna Clarson, a GP, has recorded a podcast about the dramatic changes that have taken place across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent.

Dr Clarson covers:

  • the transformation of GP practices in a pandemic
  • the race to prepare for Coronavirus
  • adapting to remote consultations
  • how patients react to the huge change
  • why some patients must come to surgery while most stay away
  • how GPs work from home
  • the impact on care homes
  • what will become the new normal when the virus goes