Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Vaccination effort in Leek stepped up in bid to keep everyone safe from COVID

People in the Leek area are being urged to get vaccinated against Coronavirus as soon as possible if they are in an eligible group.

There have been around 30 positive cases in the town and some of these are of the Delta variant. The outbreak has been linked to three school and two pubs in the area.

Now extra resources are being put into the vaccination programme which has already been the largest and most successful ever carried out.

Dr Paddy Hannigan, Clinical Lead for the vaccination programme in Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent said: “Whatever variant is out there, the best way to protect yourself and everyone else you come near from COVID is to get your vaccination and to maintain the basic principals of hands, face, space and fresh air.”

There are a number of ways for anyone over the age of 30, or who has underlying health conditions or is a carer to get a protected, either as a first or second dose, in the Leek area.

They are:

  • Vaccination clinics are available via your GP, Pharmacy clinics or large vaccination centres
  • If you are 40 or over and yet to be vaccinated you can book via your GP or via the online national booking system or by calling 119
  • People aged 30 to 39 who are already booked in for a vaccination should ensure they attend their appointment to get the best protection against coronavirus. Please do not waste your appointment
  • If you have had one COVID-19 vaccine and are due to have your second, please ensure you attend your appointment to complete the course of treatment

However no-one should be vaccinated if they have tested COVID positive until 28 days have elapsed Anyone who is living with someone who is COVID positive should complete the 10 day isolation period even if they are COVID negative.

Dr Richard Harling, Staffordshire County Council’s Director for Health and Care, said: “With cases of the Delta variant now confirmed, it is important that everyone eligible for a first or second dose of the vaccine takes up the offer as soon as possible.

“Getting vaccinated, taking part in the testing drive and everyone being extra cautious is the best chance of managing this outbreak and reducing the risk to people wo live or work in Leek.”